Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Thinking...I'm Thinking...I'm TTHHIINNKKIINNGG

Do you remember the scene from Night At The Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian when Amelia Earhart asks The Thinker for the answer to a riddle? The Thinker replies, "I'm thinking." Then a little slower, "I'm thinking." And then very drawn out, "I'm thinkkkkiiiinnng..." where he then drifts off into his own little world.

Like the Thinker, I've been doing quite a bit of contemplating this summer. Contemplating many different things.

Things like how I communicate. Not only on this blog, but through Facebook, text messages, email and even old fashioned telephone calls.

Things like relationships. I know they are always changing because people are always changing, but it seems that several of mine are changing at once. That gets me to thinking.

Things like responsibilities and expectations. Mine? Yours? Ours? Theirs? Whose job is it anyway?

Things like simplifying our lives. Is it even possible in this day and age? Canning pickles or growing a garden may sound old fashioned and simple, but they just create their own stresses.

Things like community or the lack thereof. Will we ever find a church home? How do we meet people when we live in an acreage community where everyone commutes into Houston and just wants to come home and crash every day?

Things like purpose. What is mine at this season of life? How can I live the days I have been given to the fullest and yet, still meet those responsibilities and expectations that I mentioned a few paragraphs back?

Things like decorating. I want my home to be 'homier' and less cluttered...but that is going to take time that I can't seem to find right now.

Well, there you have it. The things that have been on my mind lately, even though I haven't taken the time to talk about them.

I still need to write my vacation post...three weeks late! I am having a hard time finding opportunities to log on and sit long enough to write. Between work, the garden, cooking and laundry...for the most part, I only have the late evenings to write. And, quite honestly, my husband can't stand to see me sitting in front of a computer screen during family time. Another thing to contemplate, I guess.


Brenda said...

yes i remember the scene...well that's alot of thnking and all pensive.

I have come to believe my part of relationships are lack of personal commincation, don't hear the voice or see the face in emails and often don't realize what is really happening till I call. Got a call from someone the other day to find out first they were stressed out over job offer to Russia then got one to Alaska thing looked better after the conversation.

We both work at friendship people are the same life just changes and we adjust with changes because of a special relationship. Love bears all things even with galpals.

I hear you...

Robin said...

stop...your post makes me wanna think and I don't want too...

Anonymous said...

I spent three months thinking and now I have a headache and a new trailer on the way. Thinking out loud helps more than thinking just to yourself. It's even better when you think with a friend. Love Ya, Aunt Fran