Monday, August 16, 2010

Move In Day

Last Saturday was 'Move In' day at Blinn. Actually, they do not have dorms at the campus Brian will be attending this year...but he found an apartment complex right on the edge of the campus.
Brian, Will and Jim loaded up the truck...
...and the trailer with most of his furniture.
He was able to talk his little brother into helping with the move.

And of course, it is always nice to have Dad around to make the minor repairs when moving.

Look at how small that kitchen is! With four growing boys sharing this apartment, I sure hope they don't all get hungry at once!

Ever the mom, I insisted that he let me make his bed before I left. My real reason was that I wanted to be sure that his bed was made at least once in the nine months he will be living there!

Suite D...all moved in and ready for his freshman year at college!
I bet by today it doesn't look anywhere near this neat!
We are so proud of you Brian. Study hard. Work hard. Make the most of your Freshman Year. We love you! Mom & Dad


Brenda said...

Yea Brian! I thought of you Sat. go have a great year. Love you lots

will be praying for you

Anonymous said...

Yea Brian!!! College is a blast, enjoy every moment. Just remember that classes come very early in the mornings. Love you, Aunt Fran