Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Year In The Life Of Our Hero

We are celebrating a birthday today. Not a milestone birthday...but a birthday worth remembering.

In honor of the birthday boy, here are pictures from the past year in the life of Our Hero.
He is the love of my life. My high school sweetheart. The one with whom I have shared nearly two thirds of my days on this earth.
He is their 'Daddy'. The one who helped change diapers, who taught them to ride a bike and to drive a car.
These three call him "Pappaw".

They help bring out the kid in him.

They are the light of his life.

And they bring joy to his heart and smiles to his face.

He is son and brother.
In short, he is a 'family man'.Through and through.
He is also our provider.

Whether bringing home the meat to fry up in the pan.

Or spending hours on the telephone keeping his customers happy everyday. (even at birthday parties...and on vacations...and in the middle of the night when I am trying to sleep...oh, did I say that out loud?)
He is the face of our company. We just celebrated 10 years! (Congratulations, Sweetheart! That is a huge milestone.)

He makes an effort to pass on our family heritage to the next generation.

He is a generous soul who would give you the shirt off his back if he thought you wanted it...much more if he thought you needed it.

(Here he is playing Santa Claus at the Christmas party. His favorite time of the night...passing out Christmas bonuses. This year he had to wear his reading glasses! That's okay, it made the Santa role more authentic!)
He has a playful sense of humor that keeps us all from taking ourselves too seriously.

And he keeps me in check. (Did you notice his hand in the background, pulling my hair during our Christmas portrait? Yeah, he keeps my introverted, self-reflecting personality in balance that way.)

Happy Birthday to My Hero!
I love you very much and look forward to celebrating many, many more...milestones or not!


Robin said...

happy birthday to your hero....does he know he's the focus of todays blog post? here's to the 2 of you having more you both!

Brenda said...

have been thiking of him all happy birtday to your wonderful hero and many many more!

God bless you all. Celebrate each day. love you guys!!

Paige said...


Fonda said...

Just so y'all know, I logged Jim onto the blog so that he could see first hand what I had written about him. He has the web address saved on his computer, but never visits unless I tell him to go check out something in particular that I have posted. You would think he would want to know what I was telling all of you! He must REALLY trust me!

Robin said...

or he's pretending not to go so he can stay one step ahead of

Allen and Rita Smith said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM!!! It's hard to believe that I have known you for 29 years. You still look basically the same.

Maybe a few lines here and there but they are from all the years you spent laughing with your friends and family.

A little bit of a belly...from all the great food you've enjoyed from the hands of your wife and children.

A little stiff some mornings but that's from all the piggy back rides, playing horse, and shooting basketball with your children and grandchildren.

Enjoy your day!!

Brenda said...

Hope Jim had a wonderful Birthday today. Love to all

Anonymous said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Jim. May you enjoy many more and the pictures of Jim and the rest of the family are great. Love ya'll, Aunt Fran.