Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Back To School Time

Today is the first day of Will's sophomore year! Can you believe it? I certainly can't.

It seems like just yesterday that I was taking him to Kindergarten. My how times have changed!

And speaking of changes, why are boys so different from girls when it comes to 'back to school'?

I shared with y'all last week about his whirlwind shopping trip for back to school clothes. It would take days for the girls to finish their shopping. But, the differences go much deeper than just that.

Jim was even saying the other night how different the girls were. The night before their first day of school, they would try on every new outfit so that they could make the very best impression.

Will? Not so much. Even though he is wearing a new t-shirt and jeans...he has on the ugliest and oldest pair of shoes that he owns. And his brother owned them before him! What is the deal? We bought new shoes last week, for heaven's sake!

The girls always 'needed' new school supplies.! Will has a stash that Kelli found in his closet that he has never used. By the looks of it, those school supplies have been accumulating since he was in Junior High!

And last, but certainly not least, when asked if they were ready to go back to school after a long summer vacation...the girls always responded with an enthusiastic "YES". Even the one who wasn't too thrilled with school. You know? My social butterfly? School meant seeing friends and catching up with each other, even if you didn't particularly enjoy studying. Will...not so much. (Of course, I suspect that he was looking forward to it more than he let on.)

If he is like his brother (and in many ways, he is) he will not tell me about school picture day or football picture day. He will not want to buy his yearbook or any 'spirit' t-shirts. If he goes to Homecoming, it will be a last minute decision with no time for preparation on my part. And he may or may not bring home a single book all year long. All so totally opposite of his sisters.

Well, ready or shoes or is in session. Let the chaos begin!

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Brenda said...

Smiles! its hard to believe where did the time go...well i hear you about shopping. Its not your boys I told ours today please tell us the day you hear it and don't decide you don't need or want it our decision. Last year it was school pictures ha!

Will looks great, and speaking of the changes I am thinking of the boys riding home from precepts in your blue Surburban playing and laughing. "sophomore-senior"
Love you