Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Mundane

What do you say when you really have nothing to say?

That is where I find myself today.

I intended to post yesterday...but what could I tell you? I thought surely I would find something to talk about by today.

But, still nothing.

We had a pretty busy weekend:
  • A fantasy football draft party at our house Saturday afternoon.
  • A football fundraiser for WHS on Saturday night.
  • Church on Sunday morning.
  • Kelli and the grand babies came over yesterday to paint my spare/Brian's bedroom.

Maybe my writer's block is due to my physical state. I am just not feeling well. Not sick -- just not well, either. I have been battling a headache and blurry vision that comes and goes since Sunday. My only guess is that seasonal allergies have come early due to that beautiful weather we had last week.

I've finished reading one book and nearly completed another in the past week. But they are both still rattling around in my head...so nothing to report there either. (Though I do hope to watch a movie based on one of the books tonight before hitting the hay.)

I was expecting company this weekend, but travel plans have fallen through. The boys are heading north to work on the deer lease over the holiday weekend. Maybe I will join them...if I'm feeling better.

So, nothing real interesting to report today. But isn't that a part of life that is worth remembering too?


Brenda said...

How is your blood pressure? Hope you feel better drink water with these head aches. I have missed you and the news of Goodetime.

Sound like a busy and fun weekend.

Exactly there is a time we have nothing to say it's OK. It happens.
Love you,


Doug said...

Headaches, blurred vision, and general feelings of being "unwell" are all symptoms of low blood sugar. As a diabetic, I had to be aware of these at all times. Find a friend with a blood sugar meter and test yourself when you're feeling this way.

This can be pretty serious, so you should get it looked into ASAP. You don't want to pass out and wind up in the ER!

Doug said...

Oh, and by the way, if it is hypoglycemia, you'll have to change the way (and what) you eat. That's pretty much the only way to deal with it. Keep an apple or banana with you and if you get the headache/blurry vision thing, eat one or both and see if you don't feel MUCH better in 20 minutes or less.

Anonymous said...

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