Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inspiration In The Kitchen

I'm just dropping in for a moment as I wait for my son to finish getting dressed so that we can hit the mall today for some back to school shopping. We are trying to beat the crowds who will be storming the stores during the upcoming weekend. Texas has a tax free shopping weekend each year before school starts. I would rather spend an extra $8.25 per $100 than to take on those crowds!

Anyway, I was dropping by to share a few recipes that have been a hit in our house the last few days. Each of these came from The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes From An Accidental Country Girl by Ree Drummond. If you have spent much time on any one's blog in the blog-o-sphere, you have probably ran across a reference to Ree...and it was most likely her cinnamon roll recipe, which I have yet to try.

Our family has come to adore her Spicy Shrimp which we first got a taste of at my SIL's house one Christmas. It is now a staple for our week on the water each summer. Everyone wants to be there for Spicy Shrimp Night!

I went searching for her cookbook at Barnes and Noble a few months back...but they were out of stock. (I know I could have ordered it...but I never know when I will have time to stop back in to pick it up!) Then three weeks ago, I was in Half Price Books thumbing through the popular releases section when I saw Ree's face smiling back at me. One copy...and it was mine, all mine! At half price! The good Lord was smiling down on me at that moment, I just knew it.

Since picking up the cookbook, her cornbread has become my husband's favorite. He thinks it is my recipe...and he thinks I am a genius in the kitchen when I make that cornbread.

Over the past few days I have made her Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever (and boy is it ever!) and last night we tried the Olive Cheese Bread along with 'Linguine for Brianne'. It was a HIT!

So, if you would like a little inspiration in the kitchen, drop by and visit The Pioneer Woman. I can honestly say that I have yet to try a recipe that my family did not rave over!

And I will try to remember to post my revision of 'Linguine A'la Anne' which we have dubbed 'Linguine for Brianne' because it has been her favorite dish since she was in elementary school.

Off to shop with a 15 year old boy for school clothes. This should be an adventure!

Edited update: All his shopping completed in 45 minutes. He walked out with exactly eighty-nine cents left of his budgeted back to school allowance. CRAZY!


Paige said...

I love the spicy shrimp. It makes alot and I could probably eat the whole thing!!! lol

Paige said...

forgot to add BY MYSELF!!! lol

Melanie said...

YUM! This post made me SO hungry!!! :) I'll have to check out her recipes.

Have a great weekend!

~ ~

Anonymous said...

All the recipes sounded yummy. I will have to find that book. Not that I need another cookbook, since I only have 20 or more. LOL
Aunt Fran