Friday, September 24, 2010

Bulldogs - Tigers

Last night, the JV Waller Bulldogs met the Spring Woods Tigers at the old Bulldog stadium.

Here are a few highlights from our #54:
Hands on the receiver
Manhandling the Offensive Line

In the middle of the (Bull)Dog Pile

Finally! Getting to play on the Offensive Line again.

Will had his own personal cheering section for the game.

There was a beautiful full moon over the stadium last night...which might help explain this:

JV Maroon Bulldogs first win of the season!!!
Go Dawgs!

Great game, guys!


Allen and Rita Smith said...

Way to go Will and the Bulldogs!!!

make up your mind...either ALWAYS text above or below the pictures. Quit changing it up on me. You know my mind can't take it. ha ha

Love you anyway.

Stacy said...

It was a great game! We had such fun!! Charley is still holding the little football he got - even sleeping with it - may have another football player coming up through the ranks - ha!