Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let Them Entertain You

Casy and Debbie flew in to Hooks Airport yesterday. Casy is here for his semi-annual check up at MD Anderson.

Kelli, Brooke and Maddux came to visit them yesterday. While they were over, Kelli organized part of the storage room. She was going through some of her boxes that were left over from their move and trying to find some items I had left over from Meagan's wedding that she is going to use to decorate for their Women's Retreat later this fall.

With their move, our move and Brian's recent move...there are a lot of boxes that needed to be resorted. She made a striking discovery when she uncovered my china which I thought had been lost forever to Purple Heart. I have been looking for it since soon after we cleaned out the Alief house. I just knew that Jim had picked it up with the pile of donations and that I would never see it again. I was so happy when she took me out to show me her discovery!

Anyway, just before they left for the evening, I snapped a few pictures of my adorable grandchildren. (Please excuse the closed eyes in every shot. My camera was taking forever to flash and these two are not big on sitting still for pictures to begin with!)

Here is Miss Brookie Bear with her cheese face.

She loves stickers and applies them liberally to everyone in her path...including herself.
Maddux decided that he liked Uncle Duck Duck's (William) shoes better than his own.

Look at how big they are on him!

It was a treat to get to see them in the middle of the week!
Tonight Meagan, Derrick and Davin will be over for a visit.
Come on by if you find yourself in the neighborhood. Our door is always open to family and friends!


Brenda said...

Well how about that don't you just love hidden treasure I do and sure have found some. Soo happy for you!!!

Love the baby's picture Brooke is a natural in front of a lens and well Little Bit has some big shoes to fill they are as big as he is ha!

Well we been talking Waller alot lately been by your office so much but you haven't not during work hours.
Casey has been on our minds last week Mom was asking about him.
Love you lots keep smiling

Allen and Rita Smith said...

Love the pictures of Brooke and Maddux. The shoes are just a little big for Maddux but I bet he will grow those couple of inches in a matter of a few years. ha ha. I don't know of any little girl or boy that doesn't love stickers.

Hope all goes well for Casey. He has been on my thoughts and in my prayers a lot.

Robin said...

love the cheese face...cute babies

Stacy said...

very cute! ha - remember when Will's feet where that small???