Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't Mess With The Texans

A few weeks ago I received a text message that read, "I won 4 tickets to Texans Sept 12. Are you and Jim interested?"

To which I wanted to respond, "You think?" But that wouldn't have been very nice; so I didn't.

So thanks to our dear friends, the Lozanos...

Jim and I were able to attend our first ever NFL game at Reliant Stadium.
(Thanks again, Albert and Stacy!)

It was pretty warm on Sunday, but we enjoyed a little time tailgating before heading into the stadium. Tailgating at Reliant is A LOT of fun! There are people out there who have it down to an art form. We just had two coolers and couple of chairs! But the food was good...and the company was even better.

For Sunday's game, the Texans were facing the Colts. We had seats in the next to the last row in the end zone. But man, were they ever good seats! You can see all the action from up here!

This picture (below) is a little better representation of what the players looked like from where we sat.

Jim commented that it reminded him of the Electric Football game boards from the 1970's.
This was the view through my binocular lens.

Sunday was Liberty White Out Day. However, Houston is quite the melting it was not uncommon to see clusters of blue spread around the stadium too.

These guys were ready to cheer on their Colts. They had no idea what was awaiting them!

For the most part, Reliant Stadium was a sea of white. There was the cutest little boy that walked down to the railing in front of us when the players were announced. He was maybe 10 years old, but he knew every starting Texans name and cheered and yelled for each one like no body's business.

Jim was feeling a little odd about wearing another man's name on his he decided to make a game out of seeing how many Schaub versus Manning pictures he could get for the day.
#1 (as we were walking into the stadium):

#2 (a young man in the section next to us - I know he is wondering why Jim put his arm around him!):

#3 (beside an even younger Colts fan - with his dad's permission of course):

#4 (this guy was sitting just across the aisle from us and never even knew Jim was having the picture made!):

#5 (taken on my way to the ladies room with my iPhone, so please forgive the shakiness):

#6 & #7 (he found a mother and daughter who were both wearing Manning jerseys - in return they wanted the same picture made with their camera, plus pictures of the two of them at the game):

He had to stop playing after halftime as the Colts fans were not nearly so receptive to the idea once they realized their team was really losing!
I told Stacy that maybe I had found the way to lure him back to another game!
Final Score:
Houston Texans 34
Indianapolis Colts 24
I have been trying to post since the game, but was having a very hard time loading pictures. Anyone else having trouble with Blogger?

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