Monday, September 27, 2010

A Wild Hair

Last night, Will got a wild hair and decided it was time for a change. He was heavily influenced by Jim, Brian and Josh in making this decision...but he decided to cut his hair.

This is his BEFORE picture:

With his cowboy hat on, he reminded me of Kevin Bacon in Tremors. (We kept telling each other to look out for the worms! Ha!)
He asked Bri to be his stylist. She was worried about taking that first snip of hair, just in case he changed his mind.

This is his DURING picture where Bri and Josh decided to give him a mohawk. (He refused to spike it up with the gel!)

Jim helped with the clean-up around the neck, ears and sideburns.

And this is his AFTER photo:

He looks so different!

I think now he looks more like Kenny Chesney than Kevin Bacon.

What do you think?

He is a handsome young man, with or without the wild hair!


Robin said...

wow...totally different...funny how hair can do that..I like this look much better...but watch out, he also looks older

klham said...

NOOOOOO... I can't believe he cut those beautiful long locks... at least his hair grows back fast!

B said...

WoW!! handsome young Will he does look older.

Will has great hair.
looking good

Tammy said...

OMG you can see his face!! It looks MUCH better! (but I am biased because I can't stand lots of hair in the face or facial hair.)

I give Kyle and Colton their haircuts. :)

Allen and Rita Smith said...

I have to agree with Tammy on this one. I don't like facial hair and I can't stand hair in someone's face. I think he is more handsome with his hair cut short. Good job Bri. Ever thought of going to school to be a sylist?