Friday, November 19, 2010

Bulldogs Vs Mustangs: The Final Game Of The Season

On November 4th, the Bulldogs played their last game of the season. Their opponents were the Magnolia West Mustangs.

But the big news of the night was that they got to play in the BIG STADIUM!

Here are the boys getting ready to take the field. Don't you just know that they are each dreaming of the day that they make Varsity and this is their home field?

Fire it up! Gotta get ready to play. These Mustangs look like they have come to stampede!

Clash of the Titans.

In the huddle.

Not MY Quarterback!!!

These boys have waited all year for the opportunity to line it up on the Bulldog!


Why do they always chew on their mouth guards?

Taking a much deserved breather!

The final score was:
Bulldogs 27
Mustangs 14

Great game JV Maroon! Y'all made us proud.
And yes, we finally got to sit in the bleachers wrapped in jackets and blankets because FOOTBALL WEATHER had finally arrived on a game day!
Looking forward to next year!

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