Monday, November 22, 2010

A Trip To West Texas

The second weekend in November had Jim and I heading out to West Texas to visit with friends. It was my first trip that far west by land...and boy did I see things I had never seen before!

Isn't it all so beautiful? I mean look at the blue of that sky!

I grew up in (and still live in) flat all this terrain just blew me away.

To give you an idea of what it was like, here are Jim and Albert up on a ridge with the wide open expanse before them.


I saw my first mule deer. But the pictures didn't turn out very clear.

And needless to say, we didn't have plants like these growing naturally in SE Arkansas.

This is one of my favorite sights of the weekend, though...

My Hero! So handsome! I find this rugged outdoors man irresistible.

While we were out exploring we came across the "Snake Pit" or "Bat Cave" or "Bear Den" or whatever this was. But it sure had me looking closely at where I stepped...just in case. (We had already found two snake skins near here so it didn't take me too much imagination to conjure up images of rattlers everywhere!)

As we left on Sunday, I snapped this picture of I-10...heading another 300 miles west before running out of Texas. This is truly an amazing state.

I enjoyed the chance to see new places and experience new things...but West Texas doesn't like me much. I have been sick since we entered the mountains. I don't think the cedar bushes and I get along very well allergy-wise.

Thanks for the invite, Albert and Stacy. It was a weekend we will not soon forget!

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Stacy said...

it was truly a blast! glad you guys were able to join us! rumor has it that it was 17 degrees last night - brrrrr!