Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zoo Boo

On October 29, Miss Brooke turned 3 years old. For her birthday, her mom took her to one of her most favorite places...the zoo.

Because it was just before Halloween, the Houston Zoo was celebrating with Zoo Boo.

My three grand babies got all dressed up for the occasion. Brooke the Butterfly Fairy, Davin the Dragon and Maddux the Punk Rocker.
Davin and Brooke loving on the seal.

Brooke with her freshly applied "Zoo Boo" tatoo.

It must be nice to have someone else pull you through the zoo while all you have to do is kick back, relax and enjoy the scenery!

I think Maddux has his eye on something. What do you think?

Precious Baby Girl was enjoying all of the attention for the day.

She even got to go up on stage. Isn't she prissy?

Davin and Brooke trying to climb the wall. Now that is a change. They are usually making their Mommy's want to climb the wall!

Maddux's turn at the pumpkin patch.

I didn't get to make it to Zoo Boo...so thanks, Bri, for taking lots of pictures for me.

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Allen and Rita Smith said...

More great ideas to file away. ALWAYS take a wagon to the zoo or any outdoor place that I don't have to carry him after he gets tired of walking. I will have tons of stuff filed away by the time Ryker gets here. I hope I remember where I file everything.