Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Four Wheelin' At Nonna & Pappaw's

After "Zoo Boo", Brooke came home with Auntie to spend the night with Nonna and Pappaw. She had a big day the next day...the reveal of her BIG GIRL ROOM at her birthday party.

Being the good Nonna that I am, I made sure that she got ANYTHING that she wanted for her birthday. So, when she wanted a Twinkie Mummy for breakfast...that is just what she got! A Twinkie dipped in melted chocolate chips with piped on almond bark for the wrap and two M&M's for eyes. Sounds like all the major food groups are covered, right?
After breakfast, Davin came over to play. The two cousins hit the ground running to make it to the four wheeler.
Brooke doesn't like to drive...and Davin doesn't like to share the it made the perfect fit!

Notice how tight Brooke is hanging on? Let's just say, she has learned that lesson the hard way! This boy knows nothing but all out!

What sweet smiles! Stayed tuned for birthday party pictures tomorrow!


Allen and Rita Smith said...

You are giving me great ideas for when Ryker gets here. I have filed away the Mummy Twinkie for future use.

If Brooke learned the hard to hang on for dear life, then I'm surprised she even gets on the 4 wheeler with Davin. Brave girl.

Kelli said...

Brooke looks so cute in that little Razorack wind suit. I am sure she loved getting spoiled while she was there.

Rita- she gets it from her momma, Casy nearly threw me off the four wheeler many a times but I still loved to ride!