Friday, July 22, 2011

An Afternoon In The Pool

Okay, let me just be upfront with you.  We had a VERY UNEVENTFUL family vacation.  Just what the doctor ordered!  We swam in the pool and played in the lake and ate and watched movies and had a game of spades or two...but that was IT! 

So, I am just posting a few pictures over the next few days so that you can see the family kicking back and enjoying ourselves!

The first thing we always do at the lake house is to hit the swimming pool and this year was no different.  Here are a few pictures of the grand babies playing in the pool!  Enjoy!

Brooke and Kelli playing in the water

This is a BIG one y'all. 
Last year, Brooke would not get off the steps and really didn't even want to be there. 
This year?  Full face under water! 
Yay, for our Big Girl!!!

Davin diving right in!

Davin was 'It' in, Davin was the ball being thrown around by Uncle Brian and Duck-Duck!

Maddux with 'Mater and Guido
Although he loved the water last year...this year?
Not so much!

But he would occasionally get to playing with Pappaw or one of the Uncles and forget how much he dislike it!

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Brenda said...

Looks relaxing and fun! Pools and decks are awesome great relaxation with family!
Love the Pictures you have a beautiful family.