Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pictures From The "Jim-N-I"

That's what I call our boat. The "Jim-N-I" -- as in Gemini; get it?

Okay, enough bad puns and on to the pictures.

I warn you that there are no pictures of Meagan in this post, as she was not getting on the boat 7 months pregnant with Desi.  Nor are there any pictures of Kelli, because if Kelli went out in the boat...she was in the water! 

Josh, Davin and Derrick
Don't know what happened to Captain Davin from last family vacation.
This year, he wanted NONE of it!  He even said they went TOO FAST!
What has gotten into that boy?

First Mate Will
Again, he is the one whose job it is to get us launched and landed! 
Of course, that also means he never gets left behind at the house!

Matt and Maddux
Getting ready for Maddux's first boat ride!

Captain Jim
Man, he sure is handsome!!!

Maddux enjoyed the ride...even though he wasn't real sure about it.

Since the Jim-N-I is mainly used as a fishing boat, we did not have the mandatory red flag for letting others know that we had people in the water.  So, we improvised with one of Jim's t-shirts!

This was not Brooke's first ride in the boat...and she did NOT want to go!

But by the end of our trip, she was all smiles as she sat by her Pappaw!

Josh is part time Co-captain and part time First Mate.
And full time boat mechanic!  Ha!

Bri wasn't able to do much more than ride and lay out to tan, due to her still badly sprained ankle.
Last year, she was fresh off her walker from the car wreck that fractured her pelvis.
Next year we are keeping her wrapped in bubble wrap until after vacation!

Brian, enjoying the shade of the canopy on a hot afternoon.
He received a few boating lessons on this trip from his dad so that he could Co-captain too.


Anonymous said...

Brooke sure looks like Kelli she has her expressions. Great pictures really like this post.

Anonymous said...

What can I say, children are fickle. One minute they LOVE something the next they hate it.