Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Boys Of Summer

Brian, Will and Josh went into this year'[s lake vacation with one common goal in mind.


...and they succeeded.

Okay, let's get this show on the road!
...or the water, as the case may be!

Brian's first time up on skis!

Don't slow down NOW, Dad!!!!

Here comes Will -- up, up, up!

He's out of the water for the first time!!

Doesn't he look quite pleased with himself?
Josh is fighting to get the skis on

But then he skied for fifteen minutes straight!

Slow it down a little bit, Jim!
And now for the funny pics of the day! (Sorry, guys! These were just too funny not to share!)
I think that is called a 'WIPEOUT'!

"I'm done!"

Will getting drowned in his own wake.


Anonymous said...

I've never skiied either but assuming I could even get up on the ski's I think I would look like Will's wipeout rather than Josh's skating on water.


Stacy said...

how fun!!! looks like they had a blast - what about the girls???

Anonymous said...

Never tried skiing but I love to go tubing. Looks like all of you had a blast. Aunt Fran