Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chillin' On The Patio

After our arrival on Sunday afternoon, Jim and I did the Wal-Mart run. By the time we got unpacked and all the groceries put away, I was too tired to cook. So, some of the kids went to Popeye's and picked us up some fried chicken. We ate and jumped back into the pool.

By the time it got really dark, we were tired. So we just kicked back on the patio for a long visit.

From L to R: Brooke, Meagan, Maddux, Kelli, Davin and Brian

We had some music coming through the intercom system,
so Jim took his littlest princess for a spin around the dance floor.

Davin and Uncle Brian "sharing" a Popsicle.
I don't think Uncle Brian got a single bite.

Brianne and Josh listening to Derrick spin a tale.
Jim, Will, Derrick and I were out there too.  We were just all sitting on the same side...and I didn't get up to take pictures from another angle.  WalMart wore me out!!!

It is a good thing we decided to hang out on the patio, because it wasn't long before we noticed a lot of boats on the lake in front of the house.  Lake Conroe had their 4th of July fireworks on the 3rd!

Thank goodness Brian took a photography class last semester! I can never get night pictures to come out right!

It was a beautiful ending to a beautiful day!

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Tammy said...

Brianne and her boyfiend have a lot of resemblances. If they end up married with kids, it will be hard to tell who they look like!