Monday, July 25, 2011


Jim and I picked up a tube while we were in WalMart on Sunday evening. It took Josh and Will forty-five minutes to fill it up with air at the local gas station...and who knows how many quarters...but by Tuesday we were tubing!
Jim and Derrick, in the boat
Brian, Will and Josh, in the tube

This was my first experience in a tube.
I tried to lay back like Jim...but he is longer than I am, so it didn't work very comfortably for me.
But, boy, was it ever fun!!!!
I cannot remember the last time I laughed so much!

Kelli getting ready to tube.
She had dived off the boat to show Brooke that there was nothing in the water to be afraid of.

Maddux's first tube ride!
And he is not sure about this either!

Auntie (Bri), Maddux and Kelli...tubing on Lake Conroe!
They are waving at Brooke, who was crying on the boat.

Kelli and Matt
If I am not mistaken, I think this was Matt's first ride on a tube also.

Me and Will
I made him swear not to flip me off like he did his brother the night before!
I finally figured out that it is much easier to sit on the sides than it is to lay down!

Bri, Kelli and Will
Bri didn't last long.  Sitting in the bottom of the tube to keep from getting knocked off by her crazy siblings aggravated her prior injuries from the horse throwing incident.

So, we let the CRAZY two have at it.
It is dangerous to put Kelli and Will together at something like this.
Neither one of them have any fear!

Brooke's first tube ride with her Mom and Dad
She smiled before it was over...but she was so ready to get back in the boat when we stopped!

Kelli, Maddux and Matt
Enjoying the last ride of the day!

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Anonymous said...

I've never done tubing like this. I've done the lazy tubing. Floating down the river on one of those big black tubes. Your kind looks like it is much more fun than what I did.

The little kids will be right back to doing all kinds of crazy stuff in a few years. You will be praying they stay in boat. ha ha