Saturday, August 20, 2011

As The Nest Empties

School starts Monday.  Will's Junior year is upon us.  And while we have been super busy with the football practices all summer, time has been slipping past me.

Thursday night was Waller High School's Open House.  A time to meet the teachers, check out lockers and get a new Student ID. 

How many of these have I attended over the years?  I can't even count!

As we made our way along the hallways, Will saying quick hello's to friends and former teachers, I was struck by one thought.

There is only ONE more Open House to go! 

Our home may still be full of activity...and boy, has football ever kept us active this summer!...but things are changing.  My kids are growing up.  My baby is a Junior in High School!

Where has all the time gone?

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Anonymous said...

You have been to about 64 open houses as of this year. WOW!! You are probably a pro at this by now. I remember the first year I didn't have to buy school supplies. It felt WONDERFUL!!!!

Went to my first football game of the season. It was great! The only thing that made me mad was I missed Allen being rolled, AGAIN. Brittany was my date and she was getting bored. She is not a high school football fan. I got out my Kindle with a word game on it and I was showing her which buttons did what and I...MISSED...IT!! I've waiting years to see him get rolled. I'm such a loving wife, you know.