Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is It Ironical Or Comical? I Haven't Decided Yet

Saturday, August 20
11:30 AM

Despite my desire to stay home on Saturday morning doing nothing after a busy week, I agreed to take Jim in to Houston to pick up his 1987 Chevy Blazer from the stereo place.  He has already had it painted, new exhaust put on and now had it in for a new sound system.

The plan was for me to drop him off and then follow him home to make sure that the truck made the trip.  He hasn't had anything done to the motor yet and it has been sitting up for a couple of years.

1:00 PM
Jim and I made a stop at Gander Mountain before heading over for a quick stop at the office.  As we were pulling into the office parking lot, my truck began to make a weird jerking motion and the Check Engine light came on.

We had one of our suite mates check it out.  He cleared the code so that we could get on down the road and the truck ran fine...but the Check Engine light stayed on.

As I dropped Jim off to pick up his truck, I told him that I wanted to go ahead and drop the truck at the dealership.  I had this same problem last year about this time and when it struck, I barely made it into the parking lot from Highway 6.  It is the sensor in the gas pedal that goes out and so the truck doesn't register that you are giving it gas. 

It takes Jim a little bit to go through the orientation of his new stereo with a technician.  By the time he is ready to go, I am a little less stressed and decide that I would rather just go on home.  We can bring the truck in on Monday.

So, we head out.

1:30 PM
We are driving down Highway 6 and are almost to the freeway when the Avalanche starts making that lurching motion again.

So, I call Jim and tell him that he needs to lead me in to the dealership after all.  It takes me over a mile to get the truck up to 40 MPH on the frontage road!  I am so thankful that I never made it to the freeway!

We make it to the dealership and drop the truck for the service department to check out on Monday.

When I got back in Jim's 1987 Chevy Blazer with no air conditioning and LOUD exhaust system, I had to shake my head and laugh.  The 2009 Chevy Avalanche was supposed to be the Rescue Vehicle...but instead it had to be rescued!!!!

Ironical?  Comical?  A little of both?  I haven't decided yet!!! 

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