Monday, August 29, 2011

It's A Long, Long Way To El Campo

Last Thursday was the first official JV Maroon Bulldog game against the El Campo Ricebirds.  We have played El Campo since Will was in Junior High...but because of the alternating years for each team, this is the first time we have had to GO TO El Campo. 

Since Will decided to start on JV Maroon rather than be third string on Varsity, he is on the same team for a second year in a row. 

Even as I contemplated on how to tell you HOW FAR AWAY this game was, I could only hear the faint tune of Supertramp singing '...long way took the long way home...' in my head!  So, it was LONG, y'all!

We left the office at 4:30 in hopes of making the 6:30 scheduled start of the Maroon game.  Being the first game of the season, and the fact that the White team played one minute shorter quarters as a concession to the Ricebirds, we arrived just as JV White Bulldogs were wrapping up with a victory of their own.

And then it was time for the JV Maroon Bulldogs to take the field!
The Pregame Huddle:
Complete with a prayer for strength and safety
You could tell by the look on these boys faces that they were ready to play some football!  We had a few scattered showers the night before, so the start of the game was mildly pleasant.  But, being typical southeast Texas, that all changed about halfway through the game when the heat and humidity kicked in full force.

How can it be hotter after dark than during the day?  I don't get it!

Ready To Take The Field
Will is #66 this watch for him in the pictures!  This was him lining up for the punt return.
Will is READY for some football!
But this was him on the Offensive Line:
Took Him Slap Off His Feet!!!
 During the first play #81 got past him, but the next three Will pushed harder and harder until he finally knocked him clean off his feet.  Let's just say that the next play found #81 so aggravated that, from where I sat, it looked like he took a swing at Will.

Lots Of Water Was Needed As The Temperatures Were In The High 90's...Even At 7 PM!
I don't know why, but we always get several pictures of this boy drinking water during a game.
Will played a little defense as well on Thursday night.  It was good game, with the Bulldogs leading up until the fourth quarter.  The pressure of being down by four points with seconds left on the clock brought out the best in our guys.  Will had his best play of the game, when with twenty something seconds left to play, he opened up a hole the size of Texas for his running back to make the game winning touchdown.

It was amazing to behold...we were so amazed, we forgot to take any pictures!

Final scoreboard:

Bulldogs  26
Ricebirds  24
Great game with lots of suspense and a worthy opponent.  Then, as we walked to the truck, Jim and I turned to each other with simultaneous recognition that we were going to have to make this drive again next year...since Varsity will be playing here in 2012!!!!

We "took the long way home, the long way home, long way home"!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds as if it was a great game. Congrats Will on helping with making the winning touchdown. I love games that aren't decided until the last second.


Brenda said...

Go Will #66 looking good out there. Right long,long way home. ha