Wednesday, August 31, 2011

July Birthdays Are So Overwhelming

As I was downloading pictures from Will's last game, I realized that I had never posted pictures from our July birthdays! We have a lot of it can be a little overwhelming.  Somewhere...on a memory card in one of my cameras are the pictures from Davin's official birthday party.  But these are the pictures from our ONE BIG family birthday celebration.

Davin turned 4 year old!
What a sweet smile! 
He was so excited about getting his very own Funfetti cake!

Brianne turned 22!
She celebrated with her very own chocolate pie...from which she proceeded to eat with a spoon!
Don't worry, there was another one for us to enjoy.
We also celebrated:
Kelli and Matt's five year anniversary (Kelli got new baking pans),
Matt's birthday (he wasn't able to attend so I sent him home some mint chocolate cookies to have later),
and Derrick's birthday (he had to come from work later and I didn't get a picture of him with his very own Key Lime Pie -- my first time ever to make one, and it was pretty dog-gone good, if I do say so myself).

See, I told y'all we have overwhelming July birthdays.  And that doesn't even count mine which we celebrated at the lake house!

Here are a few more pictures from the day.
Brian and Maddux watching Rango
Maddux loves hanging out with his uncles.

Brooke Bear posing for the camera but refusing to take her eyes off the movie!

Will, chilling in the floor with the kiddoes...but with his cell phone ever at the ready!
I know that this is old news now...but I still want to remember.  Things changed drastically for us in the days after these photos were taken...but we are getting through them just as we got through the celebrations...TOGETHER!


Anonymous said...

Davin looks so excited. I'm looking forward to Ryker's 1st birthday.

Brooke is a ham. No pun intended. She does the sweetest little poses and she can already multi task. Watch a movie AND pose for the camera.

Maddux just likes to chill. I'm looking forward to that stage too. Right now Ryker is everywhere at once.

Your family is truly an inspiration of walking in God's path because you were able to enjoy these wonderful blessings even though y'all were surrounded by tragedy.


Brenda said...

AMEN Just love to see the joys of July birthdays. Y'all are so blessed with so many occassions to celebrate in July.