Friday, October 7, 2011

Football Update

Another Thursday night has come and gone with no football updates from me.  This will be short and sweet...I promise!

On Thursday night, September 29 the big game against our rivals (the Brenham Bears) was cancelled due to RAIN!!!  That's right...RAIN!!!  Enough to leave puddles on the sides of the road.  I have never been so happy to miss out on a football game...because we got RAIN people!  Soaking RAIN with God's spectacular special effects of booming thunder and flashing lightening!  Woo Hoo!  So, when they finally called the game, we went to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate!

Last night the mighty Bulldogs met another set of Bears...the Montgomery ones. 

(As a total aside, can I just say that between me wearing the maroon & white and being surrounded by Montgomery's purple and gold I nearly broke out in hives!  Not to mention the guy I had to walk by four times who was all decked out in his Alabama gear!  Oh my goodness!)

Okay...back to the game.  I have not a single picture to show you because I forgot my camera.  And even if I hadn't, I was the lone Goode fan in the stadium so I had to pay close attention.  Jim is gone on a dove hunt, Brian was waiting on a friend to arrive at our house, Bri was in class, Meagan & family were getting ready to leave on a weekend get away and the Lozanos were at an event for her work.   Just his Momma there to cheer and holler and send text messages when something good happened!

Good things did happen...he got his first SACK of the season!  And he rushed the quarterback several times, making him throw the ball into deep coverage.  It was a terrific game that went back and forth in scoring.  In the end it was Bulldogs 14 - Bears 22...but that last score came with less than two minutes on the game clock.

Great job, Bulldogs! 

And thank You, Lord, for the fabulous football weather we got to enjoy last night!

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Stacy said...

We did get to go to the Friday football game - can anyone say WINDY?? Have some cute pictures, mostly of Davin - lol!