Thursday, October 6, 2011

iPhone Dump

I borrowed this idea from Lindsee over at Living Proof Ministry's blog.

In honor of the late Steve Jobs, founder and former CEO of Apple...creator of my iPhone WHICH I iPhone photo dump. 

[I hope these are all new pictures to the blog.  I forget sometimes which ones I posted here and which ones I have posted on Facebook.]

Our room for our 30th anniversary trip to South Africa.
Let's just say that those beds stayed like that until bedtime. 
I can't sleep if I can't touch My Hero!

Davin's monster face.
This look tells me that the photo opportunity has come to a close!

Bri playing on her phone.

I took this picture at a red light by the office just for Jim.
At the time, his Blazer was in for restoration in the same colors as this one!

Summer's Bountiful Goodness!
Just looking at that picture makes my mouth water for fresh tomatoes!

Shy Maddux!
This picture was taken back in June.  We had just returned from South Africa and I wanted to spend some time with my grandchildren.  I asked Kelli if I could treat the kids to a movie and dinner while she had some time off. 
Her time off lasted about five minutes...because as soon as I took this picture, he realized Momma was gone and threw a FIT right there in the middle of the lobby.  I had to call her back to pick him up, so Brooke and I watched Mr. Poppers Penguins alone.

Fourth of July Breakfast platter.
It was our first day at the lake house for vacation and this was served alongside the breakfast casserole.
Doesn't it look festive?

Brooke - posing with bread in her mouth.
You bring out a camera and this girl is all in!!
Eating or not!

The great Texas sky

The great Texas sky at sunset.
I have a friend serving halfway around the world who posted on Facebook that she missed the Texas I snapped some pictures throughout the day to share with her.  A taste of home for a weary traveler.

This guy met me in the bathroom one morning in August.  I texted this picture to Jim.
Yes, the picture is blurry!  I didn't know how to make the camera on the iPhone go to close up and the closer my hand got to him -- the more I shook!  He has now gone to Scorpion Heaven...if there is such a place.

Stacy and I with Jon Reep -- the 'Hemi Guy' from the Dodge commercials.
We saw him at the Houston Improv a few months ago.

A close up of a praying mantis that was on our deck in early September.

Davin's perception of Will's last football game against Spring Woods.
You should see all the pictures I have on my phone of the bleachers and the cars driving past the stadium.
The iPhone, so easy that a 4 year old can do it!

Thanks, Steve!


Brenda said...

Many thanks and I do like your Iphone.

Anonymous said...

I love my I Phone too. All my pictures on mine are of Ryker. I guess I still need to post them since most people haven't seen him since he was 6 weeks old. He will be 9 months old next Thursday. Can't wait for y'all to come down for Thanksgiving. We HAVE to get togher. I really want you to meet him.

Fonda said...

Rita -- I can hardly wait to meet him. He is such a little cutie! And as to my iPhone...Davin has had it all morning at the office taking pictures. I am kind of afraid to see what all is on there now!