Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Remembering Our Little Ones

Saturday arrived all sunny and beautiful here in the Greater Houston area.  It was a nice day for a walk.  Kelli, Bri and I joined Meagan at her M.E.N.D. Walk To Remember.  I was prepared for an emotional day.  Just putting on the t-shirt with Desi's name, birth date and precious footprints was enough to put me over the top!

Brianne, Me and Meagan with a picture of Desi just before the balloon release

Kelli, Bri and me with our balloons
What I did not know before attending was that Meagan had also listed the Baby that Jim and I lost in October of 2008 as a name to be read at the memorial service.  It was a touching service where way too many names were read.  Our family had three...Baby Goode, Baby Rodgers (2009) and Desi Elise.  We were each presented with a beautiful Christmas ornament in the shape of an angel and our little ones name printed on the ribbon. 

We then heard from the speaker of the day, Rebecca Rainey Mutz.  Rebecca lost a little girl, Molly, after 7 days of life three years ago.  She has since lost a son (Micah) who fell asleep in her womb, given birth to twin girls (Piper and Lily) and had two miscarriages.  She has a little too much knowledge of the pain that was felt in that room on Saturday.  Yet she still gave us a message of hope!

After she spoke, the children in attendance walked to the front of the auditorium and sang "Jesus Loves Me".  Precious!!!

We then walked outside and gathered our balloons.  Two white (for the miscarriages) and one pink.  After taking a short walk through the parking lot with time to reminisce on the ones we have lost...we all gathered for the balloon release.

So many balloons.  So many tears.  So many broken hearts.  So much love!

"If your heart is broken, you'll find God right there;
If you're kicked in the gut, He'll help you catch your breath."
Psalm 34:18 from The Message


Anonymous said...

I know if must have been an emotional day for all of you. Keeping all of you in our prayers.


Brenda said...

So many feelings so few words. He meets us where we are.