Thursday, October 27, 2011

Still Here!!!

Hello, Blog-o-sphere!

I noticed on my site meter report that several of you have been checking in this past week and I feel bad that there has been no new news!  Don't you just hate visiting a blog for an update and listening to the crickets chirp?

Well, we are all still here.   Some of us a little more so than others.  I have been having horrible computer problems this month.  Our Internet at home has freaked out on us and will only let us view one or two pages before booting us off.  I think with the addition of Brian's computer and video game we have overloaded our ANCIENT router!  I really need to get on the telephone with AT&T this week and get the issue resolved, but I haven't made the time to do so yet.  It may mean a new router...but that is fine by me so long as we can all log on and get something accomplished!

My work computer came down with a critical illness after a power outage a few weeks back.  It worked, but would not allow communication with any printer in the whole office!  It did that a few years back and Geek Squad was able to get me back online, but without access to print labels.  Go figure!  I decided that enough was enough and ordered a new computer which did not have a strong aversion to printers...label or otherwise!  Well, it took a week to receive, a week to load the software and get hooked in to the network...and then I left town for a few days.   Believe me, after all that computer drama, I deserved a few days away!!!

And that is why I have not posted in over two weeks. 

Aren't you glad you asked?

Football season is winding down.  Two more tonight and another next week.  I will post pictures soon of our Football Frenzy Tailgate Party last Friday night.  We had a blast tailgating with the Waller High School Cheerleaders.  Sweet girls...and Davin is their #1 fan!  He doesn't even like going to a game if they are not going to be there!!!

I'll have a few pictures from our weekend getaway to share too.  But only a few, because I really took it easy and didn't take many pictures at all. 

So, next time you stop by for a visit...maybe I'll have something to share and it will make those dang crickets shut up!!!

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Brenda said...

I really thought it was my internet problem too. This week has been bad. So glad things are looking better when it rains it pours!

Nice to see your here.