Monday, February 6, 2012

How We Spend Our Saturdays

The last two Saturdays have turned into unexpected pleasures for Jim and I.  Saturday before last I received a mid morning telephone call from Matt asking me if I could come over to their house and sit with Brooke while he and Kelli took Maddux to the Urgent Care.  It seems that Maddux had uncovered a brick in their back yard and somehow or another the brick ended up hitting him in the back of the head! 

Thankfully, I was at Robin's when all this activity, I could get to them before anyone else.  Maddux is fine.  They were able to put him back together again just like Humpty Dumpty with a little glue and a lollipop!

But while they were gone, I got to play Barbies again for the first time in YEARS!  The last time I played was with my girls. 

This time I got to play with our Brookie Bear!  We had a blast redecorating Barbies Dream House and getting everyone dressed up for a party.

Isn't she precious?! 

Then this past Saturday we had a last minute overnight guest when Meagan and Derrick decided to take us up on the offer to keep Davin so that they could go out for Meagan's birthday (which was Friday).

As the evening wore on and the energy levels began to plummet, I looked over to find Davin and Pappaw snuggled up in the Lazy Boy watching The Zookeeper!
Jim does looking dashing in zebra, does he not?  The next morning, as I was making pancakes, I overheard the following conversation:

Davin: "Pappaw, why do you always sit in this chair?"
Jim: "Because it is my chair.  It's my Lazy Boy."
Davin: "I need a Lazy Boy too!"

Boys!  They do start early with that whole recliner thing, don't they?

Even though neither event was planned in advance, I was thankful for the one on one time with each of them.  And it fits right in with my desire to do that more often in 2012.  Next up?  Maddux and I are going to see Elmo next Sunday for his birthday -- just the two of us!


B said...

That is all special one on one. Sorry about the brick but wow years since you played Barbie dress up.

My mom spent every thursday with Sam that was their time he would get so excited on Wed. They ate Mexican food and then went to get ice cream, quesadillas and chocolate dipped cone. Those times are so important to little ones memories to keep.

Sam had a blast thanks!!

Anonymous said...

That is so great that you are able to spend one on one time with each grandchild. I know it is a special time for them too. Something they will always remember.