Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekend Links: 2/3/12

Hey, guys!
Sorry I have been MIA this week.  Wednesday's post took a lot out of me.  In fact, I wrote it on Tuesday evening and wasn't even able to move again until Wednesday afternoon.  I just skipped work and decided to take my time getting out to run a few errands before Bible study. 

Today is Meagan's birthday and we have plans for that, as well as the big Super Bowl Watch Party at the house on Sunday where we will celebrate her birthday with the rest of the family.  I hope to be back next week with some pictures and a 'Goals Update'

Until then, I hope you enjoy this week's favorite links:
Hope you and yours have an amazing weekend!


    Anonymous said...

    Hey thanks for the links. I like Gypsy Mama, and just last night I got Family Affair on my kindle app. This ebook HP touch is pretty neat instant buy and delivery.

    Although I do love half price books thumbing through the shelves reading titles.

    Anonymous said...

    Glad to see you back too love you so :-)