Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mad Dog's Birthday: Day 1

We often joke in our family that birthdays are not to be celebrated on just one day out of the year...but for at least a week.  Maddux's was no exception!

On Saturday, February 11, we all converged on Kelli's and Matt's household to shower the birthday boy with love.  But when we arrived we found that he wasn't feeling very well.  A mysterious fever had suddenly appeared during naptime.

Doesn't he look just pitiful? Thankfully it did not last long...for as we all know, "starve a cold, surround with presents for a fever!"
Boy, did he ever rack up on the Transformers!!  Nonna and Pappaw got him two really neat ones...but Auntie, Uncle Brian and Uncle Duck-Duck got the same ones only BIGGER! (But that's okay because  Nonna still got the best gift!)

After presents came a Batman cake!  Yum!!
And since we missed singing to Aunt Meagan for her birthday, (it came at the same time as Super Bowl and the cheesecake was halfway eaten before we had a chance to sing)...
...we bought her a cupcake and sang to both her and Maddux at the same time!

After the party, Maddux rode home with Nonna and Pappaw because we had big plans for Sunday.  On the way, while partied-out Mad Dog napped in his car seat, we saw hundreds of ducks.
This was just one field of them. We saw several! 

Join us again tomorrow for Part 2 of Mad Dog's birthday.

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