Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mad Dog's Birthday: Day 2

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Maddux spent the night with us after his birthday party because he had one more gift from Nonna and Pappaw to go. His pajamas give a little hint.

That's right, we were going to see 'Elmo Makes Music' at Reliant Arena on Sunday afternoon.  He was a Champ when it came to spending the night.  He hung out with Pappaw and the Uncles for most of the evening...but when it came time to crawl in bed, he headed straight to Auntie's room. 

We got up the next morning and ate a big breakfast, played and then it was time to get ready for the show.

Here he is in his seat waiting for the show to begin.

All smiles...of course, the Sprite, the pretzel, and popcorn helped too!

We had really good seats.  I think he had a better view than a lot of the little kids that were sitting in the floor seats.
Finally, the curtain came up and we found ourselves right in the middle of Sesame Street Live!  Bert and Ernie and Big Bird and Elmo and Oscar and Cookie Monster and the rest of the gang.
On top of the experience, he walked out with his own Elmo...a twirly, lighted Elmo...
...a bag of cotton candy...

...and his very own Elmo balloon.
I don't know about you, but that sounds like a pretty good birthday to me!


Anonymous said...

Sounds as if he had a pretty good birthday.


B said...

Yes good time had by all. We do like "birthday weeks" here.

Stacy said...

I think a GREAT birthday!!!

Kelli said...

That balloon was worth every penny, it just magically "deflated yesterday (only bc mommy was tired of M & B fighting over whose turn it was to hold it). 2weeks is long life for a balloon!