Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Is Going To Be A Challenging Week!

I don't know how you feel about it...but my God has quite the sense of humor!!

Just yesterday afternoon, I poured out my heart to all of you and let you know how excited I am about our upcoming Grandmas trip to NYC.  I told you all about my frantic pursuit of a 'Mix and Match' wardrobe that would make for lighter and easier travel.  I even told you about all the different things I have been looking forward to seeing and doing while we are there.

Frantic thinking...anxious expectations...giddy with the thought of it all!!!

And then, I go to Wednesday night Bible study, where for the first time in forever I did not complete my homework.  (A Huge Red Flag that my priorities may be off!)  As the video portion begins, I hear the challenge: Be Still!

If I want to hear from God, I have to Be Still...Sit...Wait.  What?  But, I have so much to do!  I need to pack and to plan and to...'be still'?  Wow!  As I listen to the video and take notes, I see it written by own hand.  "Am I missing out on being filled because I won't be still?"  Hmmm.

And because He loves to make me laugh out loud at myself...and he knows how quickly my mind goes back into "To-Do' mode.  He reminded me again this morning in the Scripture reading. 

"Love God, all you saints; God takes care of all who stay close to Him, but pays back in full those arrogant enough to go it alone.  Be brave.  Be strong.  Don't give up.  Expect God to get here soon."
Psalm 31:23-24 The Message

He also knows how stubborn my heart can be.  So for good measure and reiteration, He threw in the voice of Chuck Swindoll as I drove in to work saying, "Be Still".  (I have searched and searched for the actual words he opened with because I really wanted to write them down...but I was driving down 290 and did not consider it a wise thing to do at the time!)

So, I think the challenge this week is going to be to still my thoughts as well as my heart and body in order to stay close to Him. 

It is not that preparations do not need to be made...but they are not to be my focus.  Listening to Him is!


Stacy said...

Ah, yes, the challenge to "Be Still" - that is hard because it makes me feel like I am being lazy and yet that isn't what it is talking about. I too need to "Be Still" and focus on Him. Now here is what I have heard 3 times this week quotes from the book, "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu - ah - what does that mean???? I am not sure, but had Albert download it on the i-Pad so that I can read it - very interesting!

B said...

AW! There is a much to be said for "Being Still". . .
Yes God has a sense of humor. :-):-)

Have a great week!!!