Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Links: 2/10/12

For your web browsing pleasure this weekend:
  • Remember to breath out - Ever get overwhelmed just reading about what everyone else is doing?  You suddenly feel like you SHOULD be exercising, cooking organic, painting a room, homeschooling and knitting winter caps for the whole family...before bedtime rolls around tonight!  I think you will enjoy Stephanie's post over at (in)courage.
  • Puzzling - Michelle of Graceful is doing a series of posts titled '29 Days of Quiet' and I am really enjoying it.  (Hmmm...there is that theme again!)  I think I may pull out a jigsaw puzzle for the sitting room this weekend.  I love doing puzzles with my kids.
  • Hair-story - Deidra at Jumping Tandem wrote about her life through the lens of her hair.  Her story took me back to an elementary school playground where another second grade girl named Patricia mentioned that she had spent the weekend at her auntie's house having her hair ironed.  I never had the nerve to ask her exactly how that happened, but I will always remember the mental picture that arose of her leaned over an ironing board while her aunt pressed her hair with an iron.  And then I remembered Kim, who sat behind me in Mrs. Avery's fifth grade Arkansas History class and always played with my long hair.  (Kim's younger brother grew up to become a household name in the Sports closest experience with Celebrity!)  I never liked to have my hair touched because I was so tender headed, but Kim was so gentle that it was actually quite relaxing and I would fight falling asleep in class.  Man, it has been a long time since I've thought about Kim or Patricia...thanks Deidra for the flashbacks!
Oh, and by the way, I poured out a Santa puzzle in the sitting room last night and just like a charm, Bri joined me in there within three minutes of sorting the pieces.  Sweet!

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