Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Prom Pictures 2013

This year, the girls and I had to twist Will's arm to even consider going to prom.  He had decided not to go when the girl he asked was not able to attend.  But the females of the family pleaded with him not to miss this  right of passage known as your Senior Prom.

So he talked with one of his friends who was also dateless and they decided to go to prom in costume as...
Dumb and Dumber!  I was in Arkansas for Mom's surgery when they went to order their tuxedos.  Upon my return home, I was surprised to learn that their 'tuxedos' came from Party City!  Trust me, they look much better in the pictures than they did in person.

I even had to iron their hats!  As mortified as I was at first, upon seeing these pictures on prom night, I had to laugh because this is just soooo William!  Always making people laugh.  And looking pretty spiffy in his bright orange tux, if I (as his mother) do say so myself.

To get an idea of how flimsy these costumes were, check this out.
We made the Chippendale wanna-be's wear basketball shorts underneath the pants just in case they fell apart before they made it home.  And from what I hear, it was good thing we did.

The boys were the hit of the prom, spending most of their time on the dance floor and posing for pictures with people (including total strangers in CVS).  I even heard all about it at church the next day as parents asked if it was true that he went to prom in a bright orange tux.

It looks like they had a really good time...completely in character with their attire.

 (For some reason he reminds me of Mike Myers in 'The Cat In The Hat' in this photo.)

I am so glad that he changed his mind and decided to attend.  I truly believe that it will be a night he never forgets.  Plus, I have the pictures from last year when he went in a real tuxedo to display in the house.  Ha!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I don't know if they actually helped Will get ready, but I can see Meagan, Kelli, and Bri helping him get ready. They are truly supportive of their crazy lil bro.