Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It Was One Of Those Nights

Last Thursday night, I took a road trip with three friends to Beaumont, Texas.

Robin, Kelley, Stacy and I had VIP tickets to see Tim McGraw in concert. These tickets included an acoustical per-show performance.

We were standing just a few steps away with nothing but the speakers between the crowd and Tim.

Unfortunately, there were technical difficulties that delayed the acoustical per-show. This left us with just enough time for three songs and a quick 'thank you for coming'.

Love and Theft opened the show, but it took us that long to get our drinks and popcorn and to find our seats. Second row...just in time for the man I had come to see.

Brantley Gilbert! Brianne introduced me to his music long before his first single made it into XM radio. I love his music. Danielle teases me for having the music in my truck very mellow and relaxing as I listen to my Christian radio...but put me in the Thunderbird and in goes Brantley's CD with volume turned up as loud as my ears can stand it. Especially when I'm listening to 'Take It Outside' or 'Kickin' It In The Sticks' favorites.

Then it was time for Tim, again! He puts on a good show with a great mix of his hits.

After the show we did a 'meet and greet' with Brantley. He seemed to be a genuinely nice guy. He thanked us for coming and invited us to join him again in the future. He also signed my telephone case...which Bri has threatened to steal.

It was a good night with great friends and really did turn out to be 'One Of Those Nights'.

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Anonymous said...

Telephone case??
Never heard of Brantley Gilbert so I went to YouTube to listen to one of the songs you suggested. I like him. May have to get me a CD to go along with Pink and the GAP band (our band at church featuring Brittany Smith). I'm eclectic. I like people and bands not genres.

The reunion was tiring but I enjoyed it so much. Spoke to Don Noble last night. He wants to know if we will do it again next year. I've had several people ask me that question. Told him I didn't know if I had the energy to do it that soon. ha ha. Some of the relatives aren't getting any younger. Maybe we need to do it every year for a little while.