Friday, June 28, 2013

Flashback Friday: 18 And Counting

This flashback is from January 11, 2013...when our 'baby' turned 18.
For his birthday, he wanted to gather with the family at Pappadeaux's for some oysters on the half shell and some good Cajun seafood.
These three call him 'Duck-Duck' and are his biggest fans!  Can you tell which two have the last name 'Ham'?  They love a camera!
The whole Goode clan.  Such a rarity.  A big thank you to the total stranger who offered to take the picture with me in it too.  William had a wonderful birthday, just the way he wanted it...surrounded by family.


Anonymous said...

I saw the picture of the whole clan before I read the caption underneath it. I was wondering who that lady was standing beside Derek. I'm so used to you being the one taking the picture. Then I finished reading the blog and realized it was you.


Kelli H. said...

Was Bri taking the picture? She isnt in there.

Fonda said...

Good call, Kelli. I thought it was the next picture on the roll that she took. I looked at so many and thought this was the one of all of us.