Thursday, June 20, 2013

Family Reunion Time!!

Some of our cousins headed south on Wednesday.  Some of our kids will head north on Thursday.  Jim and I will join them on Friday.

We are excited at the prospect of seeing family members we haven't laid eyes on in thirty years (or more)...and thrilled to visit again with those we saw just last month.

Many will be unable to make the trip, for various reasons, including some of ours.  (And yes, I am bummed about that!)

No matter where they are traveling from...Michigan, Texas, Colorado, or ten miles down the road...we wish them safe travels.  And for those who can't make it..."We miss you!  Maybe next time!"

Like branches on a tree
We all grow in different directions
Yet our roots remain as One.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow.