Friday, July 5, 2013

Flashback Friday: By The Bonfire

These photos were taken back in February when all the kids came over on a random Sunday. It was a beautiful afternoon, but the grandchildren begged Pawpaw to build them their own, of course, he did!
Maddux, Brooke and Davin playing in front of the bonfire.
The pasture was wet, so they had to build it by the house.

To build a bonfire you need wood...
...lots of wood!

I love Maddux's cheesy grin!

Playing in the dirt.
This was a big deal...because Brooke doesn't normally do dirt!

Our 'girly-girl' likes to look FABULOUS all of the time!
I love these impromptu get-togethers.  Meagan and Derrick had to stick around a little later than normal for a school night so that the kids could enjoy the bonfire after dark.  But it was, oh so worth it!

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Anonymous said...

In regard to Brooke and dirt...We would have been the opposite. When did we do clean? haha

Always fun having the grands over.