Friday, July 19, 2013

Flashback Friday: The Ultimate One

As I was looking through my draft file this week, I found the Ultimate Flashback Friday to share with you guys. These pictures were taken years ago, loaded and never posted. These come from back when we only had three grandchildren!
Maddux and his chubby cheek grin

Brooke coloring...not much has changed

Davin, Brianne, Brooke, Kelli, Maddux and Meagan
These pictures were snapped at Chili's one afternoon when Meagan and I met the rest for lunch.  I think these were taken just after she started to work for us...and Brianne was keeping Davin for her. I also think this was the last time Kelli cut her hair because it is now super long!

Sweet pictures!  I just have no idea the date that they were taken!  Maybe Spring/Summer 2011?

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Anonymous said...

I would have known those little munchkins anywhere. They haven't changed much. Still as cute as ever. The big munchkins haven't changed either. Hard to believe we are parents to kids that are knocking on the door to their 30's.