Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Key West: The Final Day

On our last full day in Key West, we finally made our way to Blue Heaven for breakfast. It was something that we had talked about doing since arriving...but hadn't made the time.  I am so glad we didn't miss it!
Artists at work in the waiting area

Stacy and Robin...the best part of this annual trip is time spent with these two ladies.

The open air cafe

with chickens running amok!
The crazy thing about our visit wasn't the rooster perched on umbrellas or the hen with her little chicks running under our table.  No, it was the hostess who was walking near our table when an iguana tinkled on her head.  Talking about freaking everyone out for a minute... that did it!

Even so, if you find yourself in the Keys at brunch time... this is a place you have to take in!  You will want to spend your day just sitting there...and the food was delicious!

Next we took in a few more of the sights we had been meaning to get to...but Island Time just kept sucking us in.
The Lighthouse

Ernest Hemingway's house: I had just finished reading The Sun Also Rises before our visit.
After our stop at the Hemingway House, we made our way to Truman's Little White House.  Our tour tickets were delayed due to the tour before us taking too long and we had reservations for we left without getting to take the tour.  (But I did pick up a Christmas ornament to remember our visit.)

After getting back to the hotel to change for dinner, we decided that we would rather call off dinner and sit out by the water.  You would think we would have spent a lot of time sitting by water in Key West...but this was our only down time.
The man-made beach at the hotel...but the water was beautiful!

Our view of the sun bathing deck.

Just in case you  doubted we were really in the Conch Republic.  LOL!

Sunset from the opposite side of the island than the Sunset sail.

The moon rising behind us.
The next day we loaded up and headed back to Miami to catch our flight...which was delayed...and then we were deplaned...and we thought we might never get to leave Miami...but as you can see, we did make it home eventually!

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Anonymous said...

One of these years I'm going to crash one of y'all's Grandmas Gone Wild vacations.

I think I would have been freaked out if anything tinkled on my head.