Friday, July 12, 2013

Flashback Friday: O Say Can You See

Today's flashback goes WAY BACK...all the way back to last Thursday! LOL!

I've been meaning to post pictures from our 4th of July celebration all week.  And since it occurred over a week ago, I figured it could technically count as a Flashback!

Last Thursday, the family gathered at our house for a Independence Day celebration unlike the ones we have grown accustomed to since having grandchildren.  This is usually our Family Vacation week.  But due to unforeseen circumstances, the Lake House that we normally rent is no longer available.  When we searched for an alternate vacation rental, we just couldn't find one that both (a) fit all 15 of us and (b) had a private swimming pool, which is where the women and children spend most of their time.

So instead, we:

...took pictures in our patriotic attire...
Delayne all decked out for her first 4th of July picnic
...went swimming in the wading pool with our favorite cousin...
Brooke and Davin getting ready to jump in the pool

...checked out boxes and boxes of fireworks, discussing who would get to shoot what...
Brooke, Maddux and Davin studying Uncle Josh's fireworks
...took pictures of all the special people visiting around our kitchen table...
Elliot, fresh from a nap, with Kelli

Chelsea listening to Brooke's story

Brian waiting on dessert

Bri, our birthday girl
...turned our favorite cousin into our personal pony ride...
Maddux, Davin and Delayne
...opened birthday presents galore (there are four birthdays to celebrate each July -- not counting Davin, who gets his own party later in the month)...
My new crossbow from my honey, perfume from my grandchildren, and crossbow accessories from my children.

Be afraid!  Be very afraid!  (The bandanna is actually Will's not mine.  Jim just thought this would be a funny photo.)
...and enjoyed to fireworks.
Brian, Will, Derrick, Bri, Josh and Davin
Our own personal arsonists...I mean pyrotechnicians.
Fireworks illuminating the sky.
Is there any better way to spend the 4th?  I think not.

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Anonymous said...

Jim was right, Rambo. ha ha. I still think putting the pool up would have been a great present too. Although the cross bow can put food on the table. It's a toss up.
The grands looked to have had a great time at Nonna and Pawpaw's.