Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Key West: A Sunset Cruise

On Saturday evening of our trip, Robin had booked us passage on the Schooner Jolly II Rover for a sunset sail.
The bar at the Conch Republic Seafood Company...where we awaited our time to board.

Aye, Matey...we were sailing under the pirate flag!

My two partners in crime, er traveling buddies.

Our Captain climbing the mast

Yes, he was UP THERE!

Some of the crew at work...they let the passengers try their hands at hoisting the sails.

The haze in the sky was caused by the burning of the fields in Cuba -- 90 miles away.

Stacy took her turn as First Mate

Isn't this gorgeous?

My favorite picture: the sun set framing the other sail boat

We even got to fire our cannons at them!

Sunset on the water...breathtaking!
Unfortunately for us, the winds were non-existent for most of our time on the water, so we didn't really get to feel the breeze on our face.  We had to option of sailing again on a different day for free, but our time was running out.  The crew was fantastic and we had a lot of fun...despite the weather.

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Anonymous said...

I think sailing would have been my favorite part of the trip. It looks so serene; a nice place to take a nap if you could stop looking at the scenery long enough to close your eyes.