Sunday, August 2, 2009

Howdy, From San Antonio

Jim and I are here with friends for the Professional Bull Riding. We are having a wonderful time. The cowboys and bulls put on quite a show last night (the bulls came out on top)...and we are looking forward to tonight's finals.

The hotel is crawling with cowboys and Cowboys fans (as in the Dallas football kind). It appears the Dallas Cowboys are in town for training camp. I have never seen so much blue and white in one place in my life!

I prefer the cowboys walking around in hats and boots myself (they are much friendlier)...but then Jim and I are both devout Houston Texans fans. Plus, you don't have to pay the ones that ride the bulls for their autographs. The Dallas ones charge $10 just to take your picture with them, and that is with your own camera! The PBR guys get FINED $500 if they DON'T come out and do FREE autographs and pictures after the performance! (And they get paid much less per performance, go figure.)

I didn't bring my camera but I will try to get a few pictures from Stacy and Robin to put up next week.

Hope ya'll are having an exciting weekend with good friends...or planning one real soon!


Anonymous said...

My goodness girl, you are becoming a jet setter. HA HA. Hope you two are having a wonderful time. I do love the PBR!!


Brenda said...

Hey I wish I knew you were going up that way. We have been talking of Puffy Taco's for 2 weeks Diane has a restruant with the best Mexican food. Art and I saw her on foodnetwork "La Hauchienda"(sp)is her place. We took a drive up to have her taco's they are great! I highly suggest anyone to eat her Puffy Taco's you won't forget it. So glad you had a great time.