Friday, August 28, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football? (Pictures That Is!)

Thursday afternoon was Will's first game as a Freshman Bulldog. I took this picture before the first snap of his first high school game. This year he is proudly wearing #12. If you cannot see his number in some of the pictures, just look for the white cleats. He is one of only three boys who chose white instead of the standard black cleats.

And now...for the kick-off return... (Will is second from the left.)
This year he is playing both defense and offense, as well as special teams.

Here's a picture of him blocking...

...and this was his second sack of the game.

Brianne snapped this picture during one of his few breaks, and I thought it turned out pretty cool looking.

I think he played all but about 10 plays in this game against Conroe.

And here are a couple of pictures of him on the line. (I try not to post pictures that show close ups of the faces of any of the other players, but it is hard at times.)
When the buzzer sounded the score was Bulldogs 0 - Cavaliers 7.
Will had four sacks, several blocks, tackles and assists.

Good game, Will!
Go Bulldogs!


klham said...

Willie looks so handsome in his football uniform... just wait four years and it will be a razorback uniform!!!

Brenda said...

Go Willie great game "looking good son".

Anonymous said...

I do wished I lived closer so I could come to your games. I love watching high school football.


Anonymous said...

Looking good, Like Rita I wish I were closer! Have fun.
Aunt Fran

Stacy said...

I LOVE the pic that Bri took! Too cool!!! Go Willie!