Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bulldog Stadium Is AMAZING!

Last night, William, Brianne and I met Tim at the new Bulldog stadium to watch the first 2009 WHS game against LaMarque.

The stadium is gorgeous. The field is a tribute to 'AstroTurf' beauty.

Check out this link to see pictures.

The stadium was packed with Bulldog fans last night. We had to park in the grass and we were 30 minutes early!

The scoreboard has the capability to show instant replays and throughout the night, played several clips of area achievements as well as neat computer graphics designed by WHS students.

The Waller administration put on quite a show for the grand opening. There were fireworks before, during and after the game. The missing man formation was flown overhead just before kick off. And that doesn't even include the huge tailgating party that I didn't attend.

I guess I will get to know Will's librarian throughout the course of this season as her reserved seat is right next to mine. (If you happen to see a clip of a game this season we are in the maroon section about five rows from the top and to the left. Great view!)

Will is counting down the years until he gets to play on the 'Big Field'. How exciting will that be?

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Brenda said...

I know this is the first thing Sam showed me Sat. morning. He records High Foot score but he wanted me to see "Waller's Huge Stadium. He is still talking today AMAZING is right!