Saturday, August 15, 2009

A List Is The Only Way I Can Cover It All

1. Last Saturday night I attended the George Strait concert with Robin and her friends. Killer 11th row seats, Blake Shelton, Sugarland and the King of Country Music all with a dear friend...priceless!

2. Last Sunday I had a quiet afternoon while the boys were ALL at the golf course. Bri and I were able to order a chick flick without listening to all the groans...well, that is until they came home at the end of it!

3. Football practice was in full swing last week...early mornings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday...late afternoons on Thursday and Friday.

4. Tuesday after football practice, Will and I spent the afternoon back to school shopping. Yeah, I know tax free weekend is coming up...but I would rather pay the taxes in order to avoid the crowds!

5. Wednesday we had the whole family over to celebrate Jim's birthday...grand babies everywhere! We had a great time with family and friends eating delicious smoked rib eyes. After visiting around the table for a while, we popped in a dvd that he got from Will and finally fell into bed around 1:00 am. Those little ones sure can party!

6. Thursday I picked up Will from football practice and headed straight to 'Freshman Orientation Night'. Information for me, the opportunity for him to find his classrooms before the first day of school...overall a winning combination.

7. Friday we had to leave work early because we were having the carpets cleaned and the floors refinished. I met Bri and Meagan for lunch, I went to WalMart while Bri picked up Davin's stuff for the weekend. He is here until Sunday while Momma and Daddy are visiting Aunt Dori in Dallas.

8. Will's first scrimmage was at 10 am this morning. We started out at the wrong game (we were watching JV not knowing that Freshmen were playing two practice fields away) but finally made it over to watch him run two plays before hurting his wrist while sacking the quarterback. Oh well, another scrimmage next week!

So, now you know that even though the blog has been quiet for the past at the Goode's has been pretty busy!

I have a love/hate relationship with the end of summer. I love getting back into a rhythm, it just takes me awhile to find it!


Stacy said...

why is it that we are so busy - aren't things supposed to calm down when we reach this age??? just wondering! :)

Brenda said...

Yes the George S. concert was great I was texting you when my phone died,wondering who in your family was there. We enjoyed it.I was thinking of Meagan. Things never slow down and it's a good great! Sound like a wonderful week. Go Willie.

Robin said...

Slow down???? Those people make sure you tell the next generation the truth and then laugh... :)

Go Fonda for keeping it all together!

Anonymous said...

Slowing down must come later......I'm nearly 70 and it has come to my house yet! Enjoy what you can, and ignore all the rest. If you must,it will be there when you can.
Go Willie!!!!!
Love Aunt Fran