Monday, August 24, 2009

Where Did The Time Go

Dear Will,

I am not sure how this has happened...but today you started HIGH SCHOOL! I mean, I know that you have been taller than me for the past year and a half...and every time I see you out of the corner of my eye, I think you are your dad or Brian. I know that your voice has changed from that of my little boy to the deep sound of a young man.

But somewhere in my mind you are still that little man that accompanied me everywhere and never, ever met a stranger. I see the three year old you, sitting with me in the restaurant after Bible study while people asked why you weren't in school for lunch. I think of the elementary student who befriended the crossing guard (Mr. Eddie) so well that he would lend you lunch money when you forgot to grab it from the table before leaving home.

Somewhere between the proms and graduations of your siblings, the weddings and the baby showers for your two older sisters...somewhere along the way, you grew up. Now you are my only "baby" left in school.

I am celebrating this new era of your life...but a little sad about the times that have come and gone. So, go get 'em, Will! Seize the days that lay ahead, they will always hold a special place in your heart. Believe it or not, you will barely turn around and graduation day will be upon study hard, play hard and keep your head on straight. Only four years to go!

Love always,


Miss August said...

Wow first day of high school! Congratulations William!!!

Anonymous said...

You're mom's right. Before you know it you will be graduating high school. It seems like yesterday that Paige started high school. She has been out for 4 years. She has had time to go through high school twice!! Good luck and have some fun while you are there. It will make time pass a whole lot quicker.


klham said...

This actually brings a tear to my eye... I would say good luck on high school but Will doesnt need it, he has this one in the bag! I love you little BIG bro!!! And be careful in football

Brenda said...

Yes time waits for no one! It goes by so fast. That's my boy "second son" you are going to have a great run enjoy these years.
I love Will!