Monday, May 17, 2010

Media Fast

Conversation as occurred on the drive home from a friend's house last night:

Will (to me and Jim): Sometimes I wish we didn't have video games and stuff. (This is after spending the WHOLE weekend playing them with Brian and a friend.)

Jim: Why?

Will: Because we just don't do as much together anymore.

Me: Okay, then why don't we go on a week-long media fast? No television or video games for the week.

Jim: Okay, you and Will can't watch television or play video games all week.

Will: No, all of us.

Jim: What about three days? Monday through Wednesday.

Me: Why Wednesday? What do you have to see on Thursday?

Jim: Nothing. I just don't think I can make it for a week.

Me: Okay, Monday through Wednesday night. No television or video games.

Will (to me): And no computer or blogging or Facebook or texting or talking on the phone.

Me: I don't know if I can go without talking to family on the cell phone. What if my daddy calls or your sisters?

Will: Okay, no talking on the cell phone except for family.

Jim: What if a customer calls?

Will: Okay, but only work or family.

Me: Well, I do have to go online every morning for work...but I will get off without even checking my email until I get to work.

Me: Everyone agreed?

Jim and Will: Agreed.

So, I will be out of pocket for the next few days. Taking a little break from the blogs and the phone calls...and trying to reconnect with the men in my house. This isn't going to be easy...and though I am technically allowed to used the computer and the Internet at work...after I post this, I will only be accessing work related sights until Thursday.

Just didn't want y'all to worry about us...or to think that I was ignoring you. Of course, if something urgent comes up we will be right there. But, I understand the need to disconnect for a few days. It seems that at least one of us is always distracted by one development in technology or another.

I will let you know on Thursday if we make through our fast or if we broke it early!

Love you,


August said...

Fasting is good for the body and soul. :)

Brenda said...

Yes it is reconnecting with family can ever so sweet. Sam has been sounding like Will over the weekend they may have something girl.

Proud of you three! Love you B

klham said...

It is harder than i ever thought but you can do it! you get to bed alot earlier at night and feel better rested.

My name is Robin said...

very intereting...i feel like calling you at work just because you have to answer the phone...ha...but I won't...I'll help by being supportive...can't wait to read your blog about it.

Anonymous said...

I could go all week without using the computer, except for work of course and I could go all week and not watch TV, except on Monday night. I have to watch 24. But I don't think I go all week without talking on the phone. I will be like Robin and not call until after Thursday. Have a wonderful 3 days of family time.


Stacy said...


Anonymous said...

Today's the last day. How did everyone do?


Anonymous said...

Today's the last day. How did everyone do?