Thursday, May 20, 2010

We Are A Bunch Of Wimps

I will just go ahead and get that out on the table for all of you who are wondering how everyone did with the media fast. For starters, Jim quit before it began.

When I walked into the house Monday evening, Jim was watching a documentary on the Ali/Frazier rivalry and Will was in the guest room playing video games. I asked what they were doing and Jim replied, "Ah, you knew I couldn't do it." Will's eyes got wide and he tried to make out like he wasn't playing video games...but he had already been watching television with his dad so his cover was blown.

Will and I did restrain from any further media Monday night by playing Phase 10 dice instead.

Tuesday night we had extras in the house. It was Meagan's day to clean, so she and Davin were here. Brian had gotten off work really early so he and a friend had driven up to Bryan/College Station to check on some things for school this fall and they were also here...playing video games....with Will! There wasn't as much television watching that night due to time spent sitting on the deck visiting with Meagan while Davin played in the yard. But Will was unable to resist the allure of video games with his brother!

I admit, I had sent a message on facebook before arriving home on Tuesday...but only because my cousin had asked a question directly and it pops up on my screen without me having to pull up the facebook page.

On Wednesday, I read a couple of blogs during my lunch break...and by last night, I had fallen completely off the wagon too. I caught up on a day or two of facebook posts and watched The Biggest Loser from the DVR after dinner. I was so surprised that Ashley and Michael made it as the top two. They may have had the most to lose, but they hadn't seemed very strong until they went home. My heart just broke for Daris when he had gained 2 pounds. I think I relate to him the most. Like me, he thinks "too much". (or so my husband tells me.)

Anyway, that is how our media fast went. Although we didn't totally abstain from all media, we were more aware of how we were spending our time.

Thanks for checking on us and for the encouragement we received.



Anonymous said...

Well, maybe you didn't abstain but limiting your TV and video playing is a step in the right direction. Keeping up with friends and family is okay in my book. You have to keep on top of doing mindless things. It was a great experiment and it sounds as if you did the best out of everyone. Congratulations!!!


My name is Robin said...

ha ha ha ha!

Brenda said...

ha!ha! you tried been thinking of is what it is as my brother always says. we live in a tech world and have so much available at fingertips remotes keyboards phones internet everywhere and controllers... you did good girl.

August said...

It was a good idea and nice try! Maybe a 24-hour fast might be a lot easier. Come to think of it... a 24-hr food fast and media fast at the same time sounds good to me. Maybe I should do this! :)

Stacy said...

ok - just let me say this - I have shows - I don't think I would want to do this type of fast anyway - ha! yes, I am a wimp!!!

klham said...

Dr James Dobson says its not a true media fast if you still DVR the shows and watch them later... that being said, I still recorded mine :) hope you are feeling well