Monday, May 10, 2010

A Week In The Life: Day 7, Saturday

"Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless." Bill Watterson
I don't know what world Mr. Watterson lives in...but it is not the land of Goode! I have to admit that I did not do a lot yesterday morning. I drove to the store to buy some creamer while the coffee brewed. After I made breakfast for the boys (Jim had already eaten cereal by the time I got back from the store), I sat down with my coffee and paint chips from Lowe's.
I love tastefully decorated homes that have color on the walls. I hate the blandness of white walls. But at the same time, I am intimidated to death by color. I have a great fear of picking the wrong one. And so...I compare and I ask opinions and I look through magazines for idea...and all the while, my walls stay stark white! That has got to change! Jim and I have been planning a trip to buy tables for our new sitting area, but they seemed to always be interupted by something or another. Now I know why. When we lived in Alief we were given an antique flat file that we used as a coffee table for years. Jim and I both loved the piece...but when we moved into the two bedroom trailer in the country, we didn't have room to bring it with us. Once we bought the double wide and moved it out to the property, we put up a combination pool table/ping pong table in this area. Since there was no place to put the flat file when we emptied the Alief house, we stored in our honeymooners bungalow.

Well, yesterday I was trying to figure out a table to use outside with my bench and I suddenly remembered the flat file. The boys brought it in for me before they headed out for paintball and it looks great in that room. It is the perfect size and height! It needs a fresh oiling...but then it will be good to go again!

Jim spent his day working on finishing up the fence. I missed the moment of the big unveiling...but I was told that the cows had to be lured with a bribe of sweet feed before they would enter the new lot.

By the time I made it out with the camera, they were happily munching while exploring their new boundaries.

My Hero is covered in flesh wounds from stringing barbed wire. I think it will be a long time before he builds another fence...but I would be willing to bet that it will not be barbed wire next time! He kept saying, "Blood, sweat and tears" built that fence.

Don't tell Bri, but he really loves having those cows around. He says watching them makes him feel peaceful...especially now that they have a larger area to graze and the guilt has subsided. You can't really tell from this picture, but he is covered in a layer of dust!

And this is about the only view we get of Bri these days.
It is always "go, go, go" for this girl. Go to school, go to work, go to see Josh. She was on her way to dinner with his family as they celebrated Mother's Day with his mom.
Pib likes riding in the Polaris as much as Davin does. He jumps in everytime it starts up.

This was my view for the next several hours as Jim and I puttered around cleaning up the fence building materials and picking up around the property. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon, just me and My Hero. All the kids were gone and it was just the two of us and the pets around the homeplace.
After I came in to get a shower (because now I was covered in that layer of dust too), he set out to mowing a section of the yard where we park. He was making the most of the time when all the cars were gone! Ha!
When it got too dark to continue he came in for his shower and then invited me out on a dinner date. We made it in to Willie's Icehouse around 9 and had a wonderful visit while eating our favorites: fried pickles (mine) and chips & queso (his). Poor thing, he had been operating on that bowl of cereal all day! He had blackened tilapia and I had grilled shrimp. Yum!
I had to stop for gas before we headed home.
As we walked through the back door about 11, Pib nearly knocked us over running out. You guessed it! Trash! Everywhere!
We both helped to clean it up and then carried it out to the burn pile where we sat and watched it until the limbs had burned down.
Midnight...time for bed!
Thanks for joining me for "A Week In The Life". It has been a wild and eye-opening journey!


Robin said...

I have enjoyed your blog this week but I always painting is your next project? i want to paint too but then I look at how high some of these ways are and think I need to hire someone to do it for me.

Anonymous said...

Poor Pibb. Can you close off the trash can when you leave or maybe close Pibb off? Did the poor thing have to spend all night outside? It's amazing that you didn't have one child around for most of the day. Britt is looking to move out soon. I will be alone soon. I'm kinda looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your blog this week also, but then I enjoy it all the time. The pictures of ordinary life are sometimes more interesting than the ones for special occasions. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Love y'all, Aunt Fran

Brenda said...

In the life and week of the Goode's has been so enjoyable thank you for sharing.
Just love those Saturdays like that...yes painting sounds so good but when I got high up it didn't look as it did when they came in and painted.
Fonda I think of your flat table so often just loved it glad you found a spot for it.

Stacy said...

wow - what a week! very fun!! are you going to be able to stop taking all the pictures and writing about them - I think you are on a roll and need to continue! :)

Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

What a week! I am glad you and your Hero were able to spend the night together - i think thats the best part of your blog!!! :-)